Welcome to Shulamith School for Girls! Our warm, nurturing environment helps promote a love of learning in Limudei Kodesh and Secular Studies, the growth of the whole child, the development of middot tovot, sensitivity to chessed and identification with the State of Israel and the Jewish People. Teachers and staff who are engaging, committed and erudite take care of all the students and foster in them Ahavat Habriyot, Yirat Shamayim, healthy personalities and personal growth.

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Lower Division School Supplies

Summer Reading for 6th Grade: All Summer In A Day, Grandpa and a Statue, Letters From Rifka (book distributed to students at school), Summer Assignment

7th Grade Hebrew Homework: Letter | Download Homework
Lashon – Extra Practice and Remedial Work
8th Grade Summer Reading: Tom Sawyer (please purchase), Miracle Worker (please purchase), Three Days to See, Summer Assignment

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Sept 3 – Back-to-School Lice Screening*
Sept 4 – First Day of Classes – Lower Division & Middle Division
Sept 5 – Orientation – Early Childhood
Sept 8 – First Day of Classes – Early Childhood, Meet the Faculty – Early Childhood
Sept 10 – 6th Grade Bat Mitzvah Forum
Sept 15 – Meet the Faculty – Middle Division, 8th Grade Bat Mitzvah Forum
Sept 17 – Meet the Faculty – Lower Division
Sept 24-26 – השנה ראש – NO SESSIONS*
Sept 28 – צום גדליה
Monday 29 – 8th Grade High School Admissions Process Workshop
Sept 30 – SWO Kickoff Event

Community Events