Welcome to Shulamith School for Girls! Our warm, nurturing environment helps promote a love of learning in Limudei Kodesh and Secular Studies, the growth of the whole child, the development of middot tovot, sensitivity to chessed and identification with the State of Israel and the Jewish People. Teachers and staff who are engaging, committed and erudite take care of all the students and foster in them Ahavat Habriyot, Yirat Shamayim, healthy personalities and personal growth.

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High School Events


Nov 17 Picture Day – Middle Division
Nov 18 Parent Teacher Conferences – Early Childhood
Nov 19 Picture Day – Lower Division
Nov 20 Picture Day – Early Childhood
Nov 20 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Fair
Nov 23 BJE Judaic Studies High School Entrance Exam – 8
Nov 27 – 28 Thanksgiving Recess – NO SESSIONS*
Dec 1 Post-Thanksgiving Lice Screening*
Dec 9 Parent Teacher Conferences – Lower Division
Dec 19-22 חנוכה Recess – NO SESSIONS*
Dec 23 Post-חנוכה Lice Screening*
Dec 25 Legal Holiday – Regular Sessions – NO BUS SERVICE*
Dec 25 חומש/סידור Play
Dec 28 חומש/סידור Play
Dec 29-1 Literacy Week – Middle Division

Community Events